Frequently Asked Questions

What is Membership practice?

Membership practice, sometimes called concierge or boutique, is a different way to deliver healthcare services. We have adopted this exciting new idea to bring back the old fashioned doctor-patient relationship. On any typical day in a typical practice you will sit in a waiting room with many other people, many of whom are ill, to see a doctor you barely know, if at all. When you do get to see that physician the visit is short and unsatisfactory. This leads many people to avoid getting the care they need, let alone thinking about disease prevention. With a membership practice we have drastically reduced the number of patients that we care for. The visits are longer and you see the same doctor every time. There is little or no waiting for appointments and you have essentially as long as you need with the doctor. With the membership practice we have brought back the notion of a true family doctor.

What about my insurance?

Our service is NOT an insurance product. However, we accept all major insurances. Your relationship with your insurance company does not change. Any deductibles or co-pays stay the same. We do offer a substantial cash pay discount for members without insurance.

What are the fees to belong?

The fee to belong to the practice depends on the size of your family. For a single person, the fee is $100 a month, for a couple $150, for a family $200 a month.

Can I pay the membership fee with my HSA/FSA?

In most instances, yes. However, we advise you to consult with your tax advisor. In our experience, most plans cover our services.

What happens when my doctor is on vacation?

You are never without coverage. When Dr Upton is on vacation, you still have immediate contact with her or her nurse. If you need to be seen, we will find the safest, most convenient, economical solution for you.

Can I call you anytime?


Will you make house calls?

Yes, we make house calls when medically necessary. We frequently make nurse house calls for blood draws prior to your appointment with the doctor, blood pressure checks, immunizations and injections, and dressing changes.

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